Colour, where art thou?

In my journal that is for sure, I have been busy preparing my handmade journal. The cover is completed and I have finshed the background for 4 pages ready to journal, all in all I am very pleased. Again the paper is fantastic no matter what I throw at it there is no wrinkling, my only issue is pens, the ones I have are not great to use on thick paint so I will have so invest but which ones, if anyone has any advice I would be grateful.

This was the original 2 pages

Now that I have finished journalling them


So this is where I am closing for tonight, I am all tuckered out from painting and need to get ready for work tomorrow, as always I will continue to post my adventures in art……



A New Chapter

I have had a fun filled and creative weekend!

Saturday my best friend Chris came over for dinner and Dr Who which is always fun and I had been that morning to collect my DHL parcel of Fabriano 140 HP paper, wonderful quality. So Sunday I set to work making my journal ala Tracy Moore. I was really surprised at how easy it was and it only took about 30 mins, with the amount of paper I have I can make about 9 journals of 16 pages.

In her youtube tutorial that I posted earlier in the week she makes a 10×8 hoever I thought it might be a little big for the beginner so made it 8×8, it really makes such a diference with the paper it it such good quality that no matter what you throw at it, it does not wrinkle or curl up.

I have painted a couple of pages but have been working on the background of the outer cover first which I have posted, not yet finished and still the writing to think about. I have a very nice gift of an old fashioned ink pen, nibs and ink that I may break out just for this one.

I suppose for me it is not the blank page that scares me I impress myself with my background but perfection takes over and I worry about what to write and will it ruin what I have done already, this is something I am having to work on and explains why journaling has not been successful in the past.

I will post as I add to the page this week…….