Tea Party!

The Victorian Tea Party has begun, thanks to Cielo for hosting, some very pretty teacupness!!



Have fun!



A New Chapter

I have had a fun filled and creative weekend!

Saturday my best friend Chris came over for dinner and Dr Who which is always fun and I had been that morning to collect my DHL parcel of Fabriano 140 HP paper, wonderful quality. So Sunday I set to work making my journal ala Tracy Moore. I was really surprised at how easy it was and it only took about 30 mins, with the amount of paper I have I can make about 9 journals of 16 pages.

In her youtube tutorial that I posted earlier in the week she makes a 10×8 hoever I thought it might be a little big for the beginner so made it 8×8, it really makes such a diference with the paper it it such good quality that no matter what you throw at it, it does not wrinkle or curl up.

I have painted a couple of pages but have been working on the background of the outer cover first which I have posted, not yet finished and still the writing to think about. I have a very nice gift of an old fashioned ink pen, nibs and ink that I may break out just for this one.

I suppose for me it is not the blank page that scares me I impress myself with my background but perfection takes over and I worry about what to write and will it ruin what I have done already, this is something I am having to work on and explains why journaling has not been successful in the past.

I will post as I add to the page this week…….

Tea Confession

I have a confession, I have an unhealthy obsession with teacups, I love them in fact everywhere I go I love to look for second-hand goodies so this is why I am very excited by this:


Please check out her website, put the date in your diary and join in!!

Thursday Ponderings

Just thinking about how much work impacts the creative flow, it has been a very stressful and busy week at work and I find I have no creative mojo when I get home. Even if I think about it I can at most last 30 mins if that, it seems such a shame and a waste.

I think I need to have a look at how to get creative in the evenings and not let my work day get to me as much!

And that endeth my pondering……

Where Bloggers Create

19th June 2010 – Get ready for the amazing “Where Bloggers Create II”, lets face it we all nosy I am always dying to see other people’s craft areas and this is the opportunity which I think is fab. Check out her website by clicking on the link above and signing up!!

Time for tea

Please make a date for 26th June for the Mad Tea Party 2010

The amazing Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist throws a tea party every year with an open door policy that we are all invited either to join her or to hold our own, decoration, tea and cake are a must as well as dressing up and lots of fun. Please visit her at http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/a_fanciful_twist/ for more information and inspiration.

Mad Tea Party flyer 2010



Be brave and bold!

I am snuggled up at home as the weather outside is cold and rainy so it has been an art adventure at home. 

I am currently in the throes of restarting art journaling, now I try this every so often and have done for many years, however now there is a resurgence of online inspiration, so I am trying a couple of new things.  I love Teesha Moore and her way of journaling so I have 8 pages that I have been inspired to create and still working on.

It has been fantastic fun now everything I get magazines, post gets cut apart for  these pages, still a work in progress though. If you are interested in something new check her out http://www.youtube.com/user/tracyvmoore

I also decided to follow the Soul Journaling admittedly I am only on day 1 and it looks really exciting on her website, again these are free prompts and visually inspiring have a pop in and see what you think.


I decided to be brave and bold, I am one of the many who is finding my own way in art, trying to forge my own style which is actually quite difficult given all the amazing inspiration. This is my adventure and I hope you come along for the ride who knows where it will take us!

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