All Change…

So what is going on at the moment, it seems it is all change here. I guess I am like most people I don’t really like change unless I have initiated it which seems to be very rare these days.  I think that over the last 2 and a half years so much has happened and changed, 4 jobs due to redundancy and a bereavement which is more than enough to be coping with I just wanted life to level out so I can catch my breath. You know when you have been running and someone talks to you and you can’t quite catch your breath that is how I have been feeling and I just wanted some space to stop and catch myself for a while.

I think that just as you feel this life has a way of saying “up yours” and throwing something else your way. C’est la vie!!

So I guess life is about finding a way to deal with the changes or making sure that you are in control of the changes you make to your own life,  I think that maybe I need to think about being more in control of my life.


Been a while…welcome 2011!

Yes it has been a while, the best of intentions then life got the better of me.

My Aunt became very ill and was found to have cancer after a short but intense battle she died on 6th October 2010, it has been devastating for the family and we are still grieving.  She was an amazing, smart, funny, loving person who is very much missed.

So as the end of the year was pretty much of a write off, creatively I just could not get it together so just about managed to complete the journal project I am involved in.

I am now making up for lost time, that said the last 2 years I have been much more involved with my art than I have ever been. I plan to make it more so this year, I have a really bad habit of starting paintings and not finishing them. So first stop is to look at all this things I have started and try to finish them.

I have been very torn about my art, it seems the way to have some kind of figure generally a girl in artwork and I am trying to decide if I want to do that and if so to make mine different I see a lot of figures that look very samey…i guess I am just trying to find my style so that is my plan for January. I have had some good ideas – mostly the figures are in modernish dress so I am looking at size and design, it is really tough because without realising it you are influenced by what you see and I don’t want to copy….watch this space.

I am also very excited, I didn’t get to my parents for Christmas for a number of reasons so I am going this week on Thursday and we are having a late Christmas including dinner so I am very much looking forward to seeing them, my Dad will be better (he broke his arm in the ice and snow we had before Christmas) and we can celebrate me turning 40!

Well wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2011!

After a short break….

So I am back, sorry that I have not posted however sometimes life gets a little in the way….

I have been busy I joined an International Journaling Group at the Milliande Ning group there are 15 of us and we each have a journal and a theme so once a month I will receive a journal and will complete a double page spread on that theme then in 15 months we will all get our journals back which will be amazing.  I am really excited as I need to be really disciplined with being organised each month….

Plus I have also made another small journal just a small peak – all the pages are painted and ready for journal work. This one is easier to carry around with me as it is smaller.

As I said I have continued on with my own journey, this takes me to my own creativity and my relationship with anxiety and depression and whether they have an effect on my art.

Plus I have started to look more closely at who I am what kind of person I am and how I feel about myself, as with these subjects very emotive and I was very inspired to think about after watching this gentleman…;c=1561

Truly an inspiration…..

So here is to more soul searching and more regular blogging!!

Thursday Ponderings

Just thinking about how much work impacts the creative flow, it has been a very stressful and busy week at work and I find I have no creative mojo when I get home. Even if I think about it I can at most last 30 mins if that, it seems such a shame and a waste.

I think I need to have a look at how to get creative in the evenings and not let my work day get to me as much!

And that endeth my pondering……