All Change…

So what is going on at the moment, it seems it is all change here. I guess I am like most people I don’t really like change unless I have initiated it which seems to be very rare these days.  I think that over the last 2 and a half years so much has happened and changed, 4 jobs due to redundancy and a bereavement which is more than enough to be coping with I just wanted life to level out so I can catch my breath. You know when you have been running and someone talks to you and you can’t quite catch your breath that is how I have been feeling and I just wanted some space to stop and catch myself for a while.

I think that just as you feel this life has a way of saying “up yours” and throwing something else your way. C’est la vie!!

So I guess life is about finding a way to deal with the changes or making sure that you are in control of the changes you make to your own life,  I think that maybe I need to think about being more in control of my life.


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