After a short break….

So I am back, sorry that I have not posted however sometimes life gets a little in the way….

I have been busy I joined an International Journaling Group at the Milliande Ning group there are 15 of us and we each have a journal and a theme so once a month I will receive a journal and will complete a double page spread on that theme then in 15 months we will all get our journals back which will be amazing.  I am really excited as I need to be really disciplined with being organised each month….

Plus I have also made another small journal just a small peak – all the pages are painted and ready for journal work. This one is easier to carry around with me as it is smaller.

As I said I have continued on with my own journey, this takes me to my own creativity and my relationship with anxiety and depression and whether they have an effect on my art.

Plus I have started to look more closely at who I am what kind of person I am and how I feel about myself, as with these subjects very emotive and I was very inspired to think about after watching this gentleman…;c=1561

Truly an inspiration…..

So here is to more soul searching and more regular blogging!!


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  1. Christopholophogus
    Jun 20, 2010 @ 19:46:01

    Some fantastic looking journals Claire, you’ve really got a style developing that’s very you and looks fantastic, hope the journalling group will provide your pages with more inspiration and imagination.

    I like the idea of a portable journal for you too put your thoughts-on-the-go into; keep it up as I’m sure it will help with dealing with our depression and anxiety. Sometimes it’s just enough to get it on the page!


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